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Why Elliott Waves…?

What Exactly is The Difference Between Elliott Waves and other methods?

Typically, traders use fundamental or technical analysis to trade on markets. The complexity of fundamental analysis is to look for PROBABLE REASONS for price changes. It takes a lot of time. And often the market reaction does not match the news. Technical analysis can state a trend in the market, but it will never show how much and where the market can go





So Why Elliott Waves is №1  way to forecast and trade markets?


The wave count always gives an accurate answer to the question "Is the market trending or correcting now?". So that you always know the answer to the question "Is there a trade in this market now or should I wait?"


Anytime you understand the "maturity" of the model, e.i. how long can the price move in the direction of your trade. This allows you to close the trade at the best possible price.


You literally in 5 seconds looking at the wave count will know whether there is a trade today or not. Where to enter on trade, where to put stop-loss and where to take profit. 100% clear trading system.

TradeLab Gives You Everything You Need To Trade Markets Successfully In One Convenient Spot!


TradeLab Gives You The Tools You Need For Profitable Trading In One Convenient Spot!

Marketspro gives you all tools and strategies for profitable trading on markets:

  • Weekly and Daily analysis [use it for long-term trading or investing].
  • Intraday (60-min) charts [use it for midday trading].
  • Most probably profitable markets [top picks of the day].
  • Lessons how to use Elliott waves analytics in trading.

See global picture

You can see where the price has been for the last 30 or even 50 years. This makes it possible to understand where we are now inside the large model. Use big picture to plan your long-term trading / investing.

Choose top markets

Every day we select markets that are trending and where you can plan your trades. In just a few minutes, you will know where there are opportunities for trading.

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